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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Success For All's Curiosity Corner Curriculum 

Curiosity Corner is a Success for All preschool program designed to help students grow in their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities.  Each week, Curiosity Corner is filled with activities that are organized around a theme.  Though the themes change, the daily schedule remains the same, making it predictable and comfortable for young children.  Each day consists of the following components:

Greetings & Readings: After the children are welcomed to the class, they begin exploring the weekly theme though books and tabletop activities, such as puzzles and small toys.  They are also exposed to early literacy skills as we read and interact with the daily message. 

Clues & Questions: A cat puppet named Curiosity introduces key concepts for the day by asking questions and giving clues.  Curiosity’s friend, Bubba, works alongside curiosity to model proper behavior and social skills.  Curiosity also has two new friends named Chilly and Squeaky that make appearances to help the student learn in a fun way.

Rhyme Time: Through music, movement, songs, finger-plays, and other rhymes and poetry, the children begin to understand that sounds make up words in our language.  This knowledge is one of the first and most important steps to becoming successful readers.


Getting Along Together: Though stories, videos, feelings cards, a feelings tree, and interactive activities, student are introduced to different feelings as well as strategies to use in the class to work together and solve problems with our peers.  Chilly is the main friend involved with this part of our day.  He knows all the right ways to play with our friends and deal with the different feelings we have during the day!


Plan and Play: The classrooms are divided into different areas, such as art, building, dramatic play, sand/water, science, writing, and manipulatives.  During Plan and Play, students explore concepts of the day while building creativity, math, vocabulary, and problem-solving skills.


Math Moments:  Students interact with a variety of manipulatives to learn many early learning concepts in math.  Curiosity, Squeaky, and Chilly often join in on the fun as students receive whole group instruction.  Each day, students will also practice the skills taught with a partner.


STaR: As they enjoy a wide variety of wonderful children’s stories, the children develop thinking and language skills.  They predict, retell, recall, act out, and make connections to the stories.


Outside/Gross Motor Play:  The children run, skip, jump, hop, throw, kick, climb, and engage in other large group activities to promote physical health and develop large motor skills.


Snack Time: As they sit together to enjoy wholesome food, children learn proper eating habits and table manners.  Students also practice serving others and cleaning up after themselves.  Snack and lunch time are a wonderful time to practice turn taking in conversation as well.


Questions & Reflections: At the end of the day, the children gather together to talk about what they have learned.

* All information obtained from the Success For All Foundation

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